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Why You Should Leave Water Damage Cleanup To The Pros

Knowing your limits is the most important part of any DIY project. Some things you can tackle all on your own, but other projects need the help of professionals with the proper training, experience, and equipment to get the job done correctly.  Water Damage Cleanup In Charleston Water damage cleanup is a job that should […]

Why is my Kitchen sink leaking?

Why is your kitchen sink leaking in Low Country? It’s hard to function without a kitchen sink. Being the most used area in the house, you use it to get a cup of water, fill a coffee pot, wash dishes and so much more. When you have a leaky sink, try to isolate the source. […]

Indoor Air Quality concerns from Water Damage

What are the indoor air quality concerns following flood damage in Low Country? If you have had standing water sitting in your home for 2 days or more, for any reason, then chances are things are starting to mold and you are breathing in mold spores with can cause adverse health effects. The flood waters […]

How does a flood impact your electrical system?

A flood will impact your Electrical System in Low Country Do you know if your electrical system has been compromised when floodwater comes rushing in? There is a large amount of flooding in Low Country, SC. During a flood, water damage can get into your electrical system. Water and electricity are a deadly combination. The first step […]

Something is Musty: Is it the Mold?

Musty smells are telltale signs of mold in Low Country Anyone who has ever been in a musty dank basement knows the unpleasant smell of mold. Although most people can detect mold by its musty smell, there are some people who can’t really smell it at all. For example, there are some medications that people […]

Factors Contributing to Indoor Mold Growth

New research on the factors that grow mold in a home in Low Country. There are many diverse factors that can contribute to the growth of mold and fungus in indoor environments. When fungus and molds are found growing inside of a home or office environment, there is usually a complex group of factors that […]

Your Mold Inspection Drives a Mold Remediation Plan

In Low Country, Mold inspection is the first step to initiating a mold remediation plan. Anytime that there is a hint of mold being present in the home, it is a definite cause for concern. Mold and microbes related to mold can cause hazardous health conditions in humans, and are a real threat to your […]

Unlikely Hiding Places for Mold in the Home

Mold will grow unattended anywhere in Low Country homes. Did you know that mold can conceal itself quite successfully in the home in a myriad of unlikely hiding spots? Well it can, and the following are just a few reminders regarding areas in the home to check on a routine basis for the growth of […]

Identifying Indoor Mold Problems

In Low Country, Mold grows best when it is left unattended. Mold and mold spores are able to grow quickly in a home or office environment. Often mold starts to grow in areas that are difficult to get to, such as behind furniture, under a carpet, a wall in a corner of a basement or […]

Indoor Moisture Levels Are Related to Mold Growth

Controlling indoor moisture levels in Low Country can help eradicate mold. Winter months bring on the heat, and that is nice to feel toasty warm on a cold day outside. But there could be issues year round that affect mold when it comes to keeping the right amount of humidity in a home or living […]