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How to Prevent a Sewage Backup And Water Damage in the Basement

If you have ever had a flood issue in your basement due to severe rain, you know that there is a lot to deal with other than water damage. Sewer backup claims usually involve sewage/wastewater. This is a health problem that can be extremely expensive to clean up. The stench is one sign that it […]

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Protect Yourself With A Flood Damage Safety And Cleanup Plan

Flooding or water damage in North Charleston has remained one of the most devastating experiences one can ever have, be it in your home, office, company, or industry. They can be caused by leaking appliances, broken pipes, sewer backups, and so on. All these can cause severe damage if not well taken care of quickly.  […]

The Different Categories Of Water Damage And Their Implications For Your Home

Water damage comes in many different forms. Thus, you should never assume that all water damage disasters should be treated equally. To tailor your water damage restoration responses appropriately, you should assess the severity of the damage first. Notably, the categories of water damage depending on the level of contamination in the water, not how […]

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Your One-Hour Guide To Water Damage Restoration Prevention in Charleston

One reason that people put off taking the requisite water damage prevention steps is that it can be intimidating to begin. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case for you! In fact, many of the most important things you can do to prevent water damage can be done in a very short time. We […]

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Water Damage Restoration: Can Water Come Up Through Tile Flooring?

Tile styles this year are trending toward traditional, subtle and neutral. Classic white floor tile in a traditional brick pattern started in hospitals as a hygienic, easy-to-clean surface. This season’s floor tiles are available in a range of sizes, colors, wood looks and more. Designers are laying them in classic patterns like herringbone for a […]

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Why You Should Leave Water Damage Cleanup To The Pros

Knowing your limits is the most important part of any DIY project. Some things you can tackle all on your own, but other projects need the help of professionals with the proper training, experience, and equipment to get the job done correctly.  Water Damage Cleanup In Charleston Water damage cleanup is a job that should […]

Why is my Kitchen sink leaking?

Why is your kitchen sink leaking in Low Country? It’s hard to function without a kitchen sink. Being the most used area in the house, you use it to get a cup of water, fill a coffee pot, wash dishes and so much more. When you have a leaky sink, try to isolate the source. […]

Indoor Air Quality concerns from Water Damage

What are the indoor air quality concerns following flood damage in Low Country? If you have had standing water sitting in your home for 2 days or more, for any reason, then chances are things are starting to mold and you are breathing in mold spores with can cause adverse health effects. The flood waters […]

How does a flood impact your electrical system?

A flood will impact your Electrical System in Low Country Do you know if your electrical system has been compromised when floodwater comes rushing in? There is a large amount of flooding in Low Country, SC. During a flood, water damage can get into your electrical system. Water and electricity are a deadly combination. The first step […]

Something is Musty: Is it the Mold?

Musty smells are telltale signs of mold in Low Country Anyone who has ever been in a musty dank basement knows the unpleasant smell of mold. Although most people can detect mold by its musty smell, there are some people who can’t really smell it at all. For example, there are some medications that people […]